Professional Certificate in Instructional Design

Build a Future-Proof Skill Set in the Science of Learning

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February 28, 2023

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5 months, online
10–15 hours per week

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Design Learning Solutions with a Measurable Impact

Today’s professional development landscape looks radically different than it did a few years ago. Changes effected by the global pandemic have made online learning a mainstay in industry and education, with demand increasing across sectors to train a workforce that is increasingly hybrid or remote. If organizations have learned anything, it’s that successful online instruction requires more than just technology. It requires a well-researched road map and professionals with the knowledge and analytical skills to design learning solutions that can drive impact.

Developed by Emeritus, a world-class leader in online learning, the Professional Certificate in Instructional Design is a one-of-a-kind program that gives participants the opportunity to gain firsthand expertise in the principles and methodologies of the field, preparing them to create high-quality, impactful solutions that help people learn better.


HR leaders who said building critical employee skills and competencies is their #1 priority

Source: Gartner


Learning and development professionals who expect to spend more on online learning

Source: LinkedIn’s Workplace Learning Report


Average salary for instructional designers in the US in 2022

Source: ZipRecruiter

The Emeritus Advantage

At Emeritus, instructional design is our forte. Leveraging the knowledge of our instructional design professionals, the Emeritus Instructional Design Institute, and our unique model that blends state-of-the-art technology, curriculum innovation, and hands-on instruction, our programs help individuals learn new skills and make a lasting impact on the greater global community. We are committed to teaching the skills of the future by making high-quality education accessible and affordable.

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An Unrivaled Advantage

Ninety-four percent of our learners report a positive impact on their career and professional development.

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A Global Reach

Emeritus programs are global and future-focused. We have developed professional education courses for over 250,000 learners worldwide, and our learning community is a testament to the impact of our programs.

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Renowned Partner Institutions

We collaborate with more than 50 top-tier universities across the United States, Europe, Latin America, Southeast Asia, India, and China to make world-class education globally accessible.

Who Is This Program For?

Whether you develop instructional materials for an education system or a corporation, this program is designed to help you build a foundation in instructional analytics and design. At the end of this program, you will come away with hands-on skills to create impactful learning solutions that set learners up for success.

This program is ideal for:

  • Early-career instructional design professionals, who want to create high-quality education materials, with strong understanding of key principles of learning design.
  • HR/Learning development teams who have instructional design needs to develop skill or knowledge-based training programs and high-quality learning materials for employees
  • Professionals working in customer enablement/sales enablement who want to learn and apply instructional design to identify performance gaps and help their teams improve their performance.
  • Teachers and educators who want to transition to instructional design to better identify knowledge or skill deficits and create instructional solutions that help people learn.

This program will help you prepare for the following roles:

  • Course Developer
  • Instructional Designer
  • Learning Team Manager or Director
  • Learning Experience Designer (LXD)
  • Chief Learning Officer (CLO)

Key Takeaways

  • Learn the fundamentals of instructional design, including scope of practice, key learning theories and design models, and your role in ensuring accessibility.
  • Cultivate the analytical skills necessary to identify performance problems, learning needs, and learning objectives.
  • Design and create instructional materials such as guided practice, assessments, instructional inputs including video and audio lectures, readings, and other non-video assets, and identify the best format for delivery.
  • Develop and assemble instructional materials to create coherent instructional modules and module sequences for high-quality learner experiences, agnostic of the tool or platform.

Program Highlights

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Develop the core analytical skills necessary to develop high-impact learning solutions.

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Gain real-world insights from Emeritus' own industry experts, who bring first-hand knowledge and organizational best practices to the program.

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Create a professional portfolio highlighting a sample of your design work, along with supporting documentation, to share with potential employers.

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Learn with a global cohort of instructional design peers who you can source for ideas and networking.

Program Topics

This program is organized into six parts, all focused on the competencies needed to become proficient in designing instructional materials that engage learners and achieve targeted performance outcomes.

    Survey the fundamentals of instructional design and learning theory, and understand their applications.

    • Module 1: What Is Instructional Design?
    • Module 2: Theories of Learning
    • Module 3: Approaches to Instructional Design

    Dive into the key analytical methodologies of instructional design, and learn how to leverage them throughout the design process.

    • Module 4: Performance Analysis
    • Module 5: Task and Goal Analysis
    • Module 6: Target and Population Analysis
    • Module 7: Learning Outcomes
    • Module 8: Skills Hierarchies and Course Prerequisites

    Discover important elements to consider when developing instructional materials, and gain the essentials for piecing a course together.

    • Module 9: Instructional Design Accessibility
    • Module 10: Criterion Tests and Relevant Practice
    • Module 11: Content Derivation
    • Module 12: Module Development
    • Module 13: Sequencing
    • Module 14: Tryout

    Develop a thorough understanding of how to execute a course, and learn how to make improvements to create enduring instruction.

    • Module 15: Course Procedures
    • Module 16: Presentation and Filming
    • Module 17: Course Improvement

    Discover the various components needed for production, and gain best practices for communication, collaboration, and more.

    • Module 18: Instructional Design Technology
    • Module 19: Soft Skills
    • Module 20: Visual Design and Data Visualization

    Combine the modules you have designed throughout the program into a deliverable course. Then, build out one of your modules using an integrated learning platform, and annotate your process to highlight significant design components.

Career Preparation and Guidance

Success in instructional design requires both hard and soft skills. This program offers you guidance for navigating your career path, from crafting your elevator pitch to perfecting your interview skills. The program support team includes program leaders who help you reach your learning goals. The primary goal is to give you the skills necessary to be prepared for a job in this field; however, job placement is not guaranteed.

Career preparation you will receive in this program includes:

  • Over 250 hours of technical training
  • Nineteen hours of career development activities
  • Eight hours of optional career support activities
  • One-on-one sessions with experienced industry practitioners to understand the field, career paths, and the day-to-day on the job
  • Six career-guidance assignments to prepare you with employer expectations

You can join the league of our graduates who work at leading organizations such as:

  • Forbes
  • Nestle
  • Meta
  • Walmart
  • Ikea
  • Pinterest
  • Ulta Beauty
  • Boeing
  • Samsung
  • LinkedIn
  • Spotify
  • Nvidia

And more!

*Participant experience levels prior to taking our programs may vary.

Faculty Director

Dr. Karen Mahon Director, Global Design and Learning Experience, Emeritus Institute of Management

Dr. Karen Mahon

Senior Director, Global Design, Emeritus Institute of Management

Karen specializes in synthesizing instructional/learning experience design, technology, strategy, and leadership into practical learning solutions. At Emeritus, she leads the instructional design team that is responsible for the end-to-end design and development of online executive programs for a global audience... More info

Contributing Instructors

Members of our instructional design team bring additional expertise to the program, including:

Members from the Emeritus Instructional Design Team

Susan Bastian, MEd, EdS

Senior Associate Director of Design, Emeritus

Members from the Emeritus Instructional Design Team

Traci Roth, MEd, BA

Senior Associate Director of Design, Emeritus

Members from the Emeritus Instructional Design Team

Brook Corwin, MA, BA

Senior Associate Director of Design, Emeritus

Nolan Williams, MS

Associate Director of Design, Emeritus

Faculty Member Tina Houareau

Tina Houareau, PhD

Associate Director of Design, Emeritus

Members from the Emeritus Instructional Design Team

Adam Santone, PhD

Associate Director of Design, Emeritus

Members from the Emeritus Instructional Design Team

Phylise Banner, BA, MSEd

Associate Director of Design, Emeritus

Members from the Emeritus Instructional Design Team

Hector Valle, MA

Associate Director of Design, Emeritus

Members from the Emeritus Instructional Design Team

Mazlan Hasan, MA

Associate Director of Design, Emeritus

Fan Yang, PhD

Associate Director of Design, Emeritus

Kimberly Gibson, PhD

Associate Director of Design, Emeritus

Elaine Sequeira, BA

Senior Manager of Design, Emeritus

Members from the Emeritus Instructional Design Team

Anita Mendonca, MA, MEd

Senior Manager of Design, Emeritus

Members from the Emeritus Instructional Design Team

Subroto Mukherjee, BA, BCA, MCA

Senior Manager of Design, Emeritus

Alorika Banerjee Ray, MA, BEd, MBA

Senior Manager of Design, Emeritus

Members from the Emeritus Instructional Design Team

Pallavi Gupta, BSc, MSc

Senior Manager of Design, Emeritus

Varun Chauhan, BSc

Senior Manager of Design, Emeritus

Divyavathi R, MCA, MPhil

Manager of Design, Emeritus

Faculty Member Pravin Jagtap

Pravin Jagtap, BBA

Senior Associate, LMS Design, Emeritus

Members from the Emeritus Instructional Design Team

Rebecca Taub, MA, BA

Course Coach, Emeritus

Guest Speakers

Dr. Janet Twyman Education Innovator, Thought Leader, and Founder of Blast

Dr. Janet Twyman is an education innovator, thought leader, and founder of blast: A Learning Sciences Company. Her numerous publications and presentations address behavior analysis, instructional design, technology, and educational systems, and includes co-editing three books on educational innovation, personalized learning, and equity. Always passionate about education, Janet has been a pre-school and public school teacher, education administrator, researcher, and university professor. She currently holds a faculty appointment as Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and formerly served as Director of Innovation and Technology for the U.S. Dept of Education funded Center on Innovations in Learning and as Vice President of Instructional Development, Research, & Implementation at Headsprout. She has presented to and worked with education systems, organizations, and institutions over 75 states and countries, including speaking about technologies for diverse learners and settings at the United Nations.

— Dr. Janet Twyman, Education Innovator, Thought Leader, and Founder, Blast

Trafford Judd Head of Global Programs, Revenue Enablement, Asana

Trafford Judd is a sales enablement leader with over 15 years of experience in sales enablement, SaaS and human resources. He currently leads the Revenue Enablement team at Asana (ASAN), providing instructional design, sales training, and program management for Asana's 550-person global revenue team. Asana helps teams orchestrate their work, from small projects to strategic initiatives. Global customers such as Amazon, Japan Airlines, Sky, and Affirm rely on Asana to manage everything from company objectives and digital transformation to product launches and marketing campaigns.

— Trafford Judd, Head of Global Programs, Revenue Enablement, Asana

Satang Jow, Head of Learning and Development for R&D, Rapid

Satang has 15 years of experience in Learning and Development. After spending the early years of her career in Telecommunication, she has spent the majority of her time planning, designing and executing strategic company-wide learning initiatives at both Yahoo and Twilio. Through the many years, she has also served in the office of the Chief of Staff and Technical Program Management roles, but her strengths and weaknesses always brought her close to Learning and Development. Her ultimate career goal is to be a teacher and her plan is to relocate to her home country of Gambia to teach at her high school.

— Satang Jow, Head of Learning and Development for R&D, Rapid

Dr. Kubina is a Professor of Special Education at Penn State. After completing his Masters' program, he taught special education in private schools specializing in post-acute brain trauma rehabilitation for three years. During his doctoral program, Kubina worked as a graduate teaching assistant for the Great Lakes Regional Resource Center, a federally funded information dissemination and training center serving the Great Lake states. Currently, he teaches courses on methods for teaching reading, behavior analysis, and single-case design. He conducts wide-ranging research in the area of Applied Behavior Analysis, Precision Teaching, and technology and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Doctoral level, and serves on several editorial boards for behavioral and special education journals.

— Dr. Richard Kubina, Jr, Director of Research at CentralReach, LLC




Upon satisfying all requirements of this program, Emeritus grants a verified digital certificate of completion in recognition of your success. This program is graded on a pass or fail basis; participants must receive 80 percent to pass and obtain the certificate of completion.

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